Rescue Team for Disaster & Community Safety - RTDCS

The RTDCS is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India that functions with the support of disaster volunteers (called RESCUE RANGERS) and mobilizes people to provide help to those who are struck by calamity or disaster. This is achieved by motivating people to help themselves and others who have suffered loss during natural or man-caused catastrophe. The basic theme is to involve the entire community in various aspects of emergency and disaster activity viz. prevention, preparation and response & recovery methods in order to safeguard the people when struck by disaster.

RESCUE RANGERS are trained not only to help themselves but also others in their community during disaster. Their deeds win them respect of others in their community and they achieve the great satisfaction of helping people through team work along with their skilled mates. Their duty is not just making themselves available whenever there is a disaster, they regularly attend training sessions, community meetings and also maintain their respective equipments all the time.Read more...


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